Mr. Chandan Jat is the personality with multiple skills. He is the founder of two widely popular websites, Gusaiji Properties and Products Gram. He also shares his views via the website where one can find multiple blogs that are highly inspirational.

Chandan Jat is a Php developer who has founded two sites that are based on entirely different concepts.

While Gusaiji Properties offers information regarding the plots and properties to those who are interested in property investment, Products Gram serves to be a true delight for lovers of technology, fashion and beauty.

One can find detailed information regarding the properties in areas like Barmer etc. from Gusaiji Properties and can make profitable investment by getting updated with latest information.

Products Gram is the site that offers readers with all the latest information regarding technology and trends in fashion and beauty.

Chandan Jat belongs to Barmer and has a positive perception towards life. He never gives up and this serves as the reason why he is able to achieve his goals. Today, his sites, Gusaiji Properties and Products Gram are serving as a great knowledge base for the people. This is just the beginning and he is the inspiring personality who is on his way to establish many such benchmarks.